New OTT update  available for ChitramTV devices


New App For Mojo Box / AndroidTV  / Fire Stick

1) Installation for Amazon Fire Stick :

2) Installation for AndroidTV :

3) Automated OTT  update available for

Mojo ( 2018-2019)
Mojov4.0 (2019-2021)
Dune Star HD Box
Dune 2.0 Box
Chota Box
4K UHD Chota
Word Cup Edition

Please remove your power cable from chitram tv box and plug it back in 20 seconds. you will have an OTT update in less than 5 minutes.

If no updates appear, please click the “UPDATE” on your home screen, it will take you to a new page. click the online “UPDATE” and do it.

 4) Manual installation of  updated ChitramTV app / apk for all Boxes

  1. Download the apk file  to your laptop or PC.
  2. Copy it to a USB drive.
  3. Connect the USB drive to Mojo Box USB Port.
  4. Open the APK installer app  ( under apps )  or File Explorer.
  5. Select the ctv-tv.apk and install it.

Please make sure that you open the correct app after  installation ( please add the new app to the device Home screen). If you are getting the same error message as earlier even after the update, you are opening the old App. We recommend  to remove the old app from your Device.

How to add updated CTV app to the Home Screen of ChitramTV Box ?

  1. Please press on Home button or return button on the Remote / Air Mouse.
  2. Press select  + button on from the Home screen to add the new CTV app with “TM” letter ( you will see 2 CTV apps there , one with “TM” is the updated app)
  3. When you open this new app , it will pop-up message Manage phone calls to allow or Deny. You have to click “Allow” on this message.

Recommended settings for CTV app 

  1. UDT Protocol : CTV >> Settings >>  Streaming standard =  UDT.
  2.  Buffering time : 5000 ms

Step by Step manual  box update : Mojo Box update – Chitram TV Store

6) Updated App For Android Mobile and Tabs

7) New Software / App for Windows 10 /11 & Mac

Your Laptop as Set top Box for ChitramTV