Like to use Your Laptop as Set-top Box for ChitramTV and wanted to know how to install  ChitramTV on Laptop and Workstation / PC ?

You can use your Laptop or Desktop like a  full functioning Set Top Box . Remote functions such as changing channels and controlling the volume of the channels etc. are available if you use an Air Mouse with your Laptop / PC ( Its not mandatory, but nice to have )

Please see the below installation steps for ChitramTV on Laptop and Workstation PC.

1. Download the LDPlayer software in your laptop and install it.

Please take the latest stable  version

2. Download the latest  APK / APP File  of ChitramTV to your Laptop

3. Install the ChitramTV APK in LDPlayer  from your Laptop. You just need to drag and drop the CTV-TV.apk to the LDPlayer Software.

Chitramtv on Laptop

4. Start the ChitramTV app allow the permission, which is required by the ChitramTV app and enter your Login and PIN. Make sure that “UDT” is selected for streaming protocol and for quality selected ” Standard”  from the ChitramTv app settings.

Open the channels you wanted to watch

Recommended settings for ChitramTV app on your device.

Go to ChitramTV >> Settings>>

  • streaming Standard : UDT / H.264
  •  Quality: Standard
  • Buffering time: 5000 ms
    Please select UDT protocoll from the ChitramTV settings for streaming.Go to ChitramTV >> Settings>> streaming Standard : UDT

Advtange of UDT protocoll

UDT protocol is more stable than the default HTTP protocol and this will work well even if your Internet is not stable. This will improve the quality of streaming.


Additional Information and best practices.

1) Recommended  Air mouse

You can now change the channels using your IR Air mouse Remote  like in a STB.

Buy your Air-Mouse IR Remote


2) Recommended settings in the laptop :

Connect your Laptop to your TV using an HDMI cable or using the wireless display function of your laptop and TV through WiFi. Please refer to your TV  Manual for further information.