How to Cast the Windows Desktop to Chromecast


Your Chromecast makes it easy to mirror your whole desktop right to your television at any time.
Tools You’ll Need:
  • Your Computer with the Chrome Browser Installed
  • Your Chromecast

1 Cast Screen using Chrome Browser

  1. Open Google Chrome.
    Google Chrome
  2. Select Menu in the top-right corner, then select Cast.
    Chrome menu with Cast highlighted.
  3. From the Cast box, select Sources then Cast Desktop.
    Cast dialog with Sources and Cast Desktop highlighted.
  4. Select your Chromecast from the list.
    Cast dialog with Chromecast selected.
  5. You’ll be asked what you’d like to share. Your Entire Screen is selected by default. Make sure Share audio is checked, then select Share.
    Share screen prompt with Share audio and Share highlighted.
  6. A blue Casting icon will appear on your Chrome toolbar to indicate you are casting.
    Cast icon in blue

    Don’t close the Chrome window you’re using, it will stop casting. You can minimize Chrome if the window is in your way.
    Window controls with Minimize highlighted

To Stop Casting

  1. Select the Cast icon on top of Chrome.
    Cast icon in blue
  2. Select your Chromecast to stop casting.