ChitramTV manual APK update for all Boxes

1)Please download the updated apk from bellow link to your laptop / PC (Please do not change the name of the file! )

2) Copy  the apk file to a usb stick

3) Connect the USB Stick to the ChitramTV Box USB Port

4)  Open the Menu File explorer or AppInstaller  (from Apps  bellow to YouTube.)

5) You will see the files in your USB stick. Tap on the apk file (ctv-tv.apk)

or open File AppInstaller from Apps from apps menu.

6) You will see next step page like bellow. Please select tv-tv.apk  and  Tap on “install “from the right-down corner on the TV screen using the remote.  Install button maybe not fully visible on some TVs like bellow.  Please use right >> button on the remote to reach it.  One it’s finished, please Tap on Done.

Please make sure that you open the correct app after the installation ( please add  new app to the device Home screen). If you are getting the same error message as earlier after  update, you are opening the old App. We recommend removing the old app from the Device.

How to add updated CTV app to the Home Screen of ChitramTV Box ?

  1. Please press on Home button or return button on the Remote / Air Mouse.
  2. Press select  + button on from the Home screen to add the new CTV app with “TM” letter ( you will see 2 CTV apps there , one with “TM” is the updated app)
  3. When you open this new app , it will pop-up message Manage phone calls to allow or Deny. You have to click “Allow” on this message.